Tire inserts string

Universal string-type Inserts

Universal string-type inserts for temporary sealing of tread punctures are an excellent emergency repair when a full service repair facility is unavailable. Made of a butyl rubber, allowing easy insertion through steel belted radials. Permanent repairs should be performed from the inside of the tyre, for example with COMBI plugs. For safety reasons, we also warn you not to carry out sidewall injuries using the inserts. Available also in sets for tubeless tires for  temporarily repair holes in tires. In boxes for use  in emergency situations

Ref.no Description  Size  Number of strings in set
510-1801 String type inserts, fat, brown  102 mm / 4” 50
510-1863 String type inserts, fat, brown 204 mm / 8” 25
510-1864 String type inserts, medium, black  184 mm / 7 ¼ ” 50