Running a business without harm to the environment and following the rules of proper handling of used electrical and electronic equipment are important issues in TIP-TOPOL's operations. That is why we registered in BDO (database on products and packaging and waste management) as an introducer of electrical and electronic equipment and started cooperation with CCR RELECTRA Organization for the Recovery of Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Each of us is a user of electrical and electronic equipment, and thus a potential producer of dangerous waste for people and the environment! That is why it is so important that after the end of its useful life it goes to the right places for safe management. 

Information on the electrical and electronic equipment waste collection system. 

1. Leave used equipment in the store where you buy the new device. Each stationary store is obliged to accept used equipment free of charge if it originate from households and if we buy new equipment of the same type and performing the same function in that store.

2. Leave the small used equipment in a large supermarket without having to buy a new one. Shops with a sales area of  min. 400 m2 for equipment intended for households, are obliged to accept free of charge used equipment from households (external dimensions not exceeding 25 cm). There is no necessity to purchase new equipment. 

3. Return used electrical and electronic equipment to the place of delivery. The distributor, when supplying the buyer with equipment intended for households, is obliged to collect waste equipment from households free of charge at the place of delivery of this equipment, provided that the waste equipment is of the same type and performed the same functions as the delivered equipment. 

4. Return the used equipment to the PSZOK (The Municipal Waste Selective Collection Point). Information about the closest location can be found on the municipal website or on the notice board of the municipal office. 

5. Return used equipment (other than that intended for households) to a treatment plant. Information on the location of waste electrical and electronic equipment processing plants can be found in Annex 1 below. 

6. Leave the equipment at the service point. If the repair of the equipment is unprofitable or impossible for technical reasons, the service is obliged to accept the device free of charge, provided that the equipment does not pose a threat to the health or life of people accepting waste equipment. 

7. Give the used equipment to the Recovery Organization. In cooperation with the CCR RELECTRA Recovery Organization, we provide collection of electrical and electronic equipment waste that we have placed on the market. 

The equipment collected in that way is sent to waste treatment facilities, where the dangerous components will be removed first. The remaining elements will be recovered and recycled. Each device powered by electricity or batteries should be marked with the symbol of a crossed bin.

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