Tyre Mountig paste

Tyre mounting paste TIPTOPOL

For easy and safety tyre mounting and demounting. Protects tyre beads from damage. Easy and economic usage.
Tyre mounting paste UNIVERSAL - for mounting of all types and sizes of tyres.
Tyre mounting paste TRUCK - developed for long sliding distances with high friction between tyres and rims, extreme mounting conditions etc.

Ref.no Description Weight Colour Temperature
593-0641 Tyre mounting paste white Universal 1 kg White  
593-0642 Tyre mounting paste white Universal 5 kg White  
593-0645 Tyre mounting paste universal PREMIUM 5 kg White up to -25oC
593-0646 Tyre mounting paste universal BLACK 5 kg Black  
593-0644 Tyre mounting paste TRUCK 5 kg Yellow  

Tyre mounting oinment ACRYLMED

Ointments make removal and assembly of tires simple. Application of ointment prevents damage during mounting and demounting of tire.

Ref.no Description Content
DECZ4 ACRYLMED Red - tire mounting ointment – contains an additive sealant 4 kg
DEN4 ACRYLMED Blue - tire mounting ointment – recommended for use in sub-zero temperatures 4 kg
DEZ4 ACRYLMED Green - tire mounting ointment – general applicaation in tire mounting 4 kg