Code of conduct

„Employee Customer Supplier Environment”

​Since the commencement of company’s operation, the Management Board of TIP-TOPOL Sp. z o.o. tries to build a positive working environment for all employees.  Efforts are being made to ensure a dignified and stable working environment.  Friendly and safe working conditions are ensured within all segments of company's operations.  The enterprise pays remuneration to its employees on time and offers additional social packages.  As part of internally run programs, it creates opportunities for development.  Working environment is free from discrimination, mobbing and interference in the private life of employees.  Correct tolerance approach is promoted regardless of gender, age, race, belief, sexual orientation and work position.
The priority of the enterprise is trust and customer satisfaction.  All trade partners regardless of their potential and country of origin are served in the same standard.  Respected are Customer’s privacy and personal details. Any marketing communication is applied in accordance with the applicable provisions of law. If any of business partners of the enterprise does not agree to receive marketing correspondence, it is blocked. 
Good relations with suppliers are important fact for the enterprise.  It is expected, that all suppliers act in accordance with the law and good market practices. All trade partners are treated equally and assessed according to identical criteria.  Any violation of law, infringement of employee freedoms, discrimination of employees constitute the basis for ceasing cooperation with a given supplier.  TIP-TOPOL Sp. z o.o. does not accept transferring to its employees any material benefits that could affect the decisions being made.  Small, symbolic small gifts with low value are allowed, according to general market practices. 

TIP-TOPOL Sp. z o.o. is an apolitical enterprise.  Cooperation with authorities is determined by applicable regulations.  The enterprise is engaged in creating a positive image in local market through actions that support sports events.

From the commencement of its activity, TIP-TOPOL Sp. z o.o. operates in accordance with the  provisions of law.  The company builds its image on loyalty, legality and transparency in relations with our employees, business partners and other stakeholders. 

Anyone who suspects that the law has been violated or that our Code of Conduct has been breached should discuss the problem with his/her supervisor or send information to: All notifications within the frame of this policy will be treated by the Company as confidential, to the extent necessary to conduct a full and fair investigation.  The identity of the notifying person will remain confidential.

Chairman of the Board