Assets of the Training Centre

We have a great pleasure in presenting you the TIP-TOPOL Training Centre, which for over 20 years offers courses on both theoretical and practical topics.

Trainings are designed for people interested in learning about modern methods of tire repairs, wheel assembly and balancing techniques, construction and repair of air conditioning systems and deepening their current knowledge and skills in this field.  We offer courses both to mechanics, professionals who already operate in this sector industry, as well as to those, who start their adventure with automotive mechanics.

We adapt the offer to the needs of tire service facilities, mechanical workshops, transport fleets and tire retreading facilities.
Every year, over 400 trainees acquire knowledge acknowledged by a certificate, which due to the time of existence of the Centre gives the outcome of thousands of trained specialists, getting around pretty well in the automotive industry.

  • the largest Training Centre in Poland,
  • a rich, constantly updated training offer,
  • the best trainers, constantly improving their qualifications by acquiring knowledge even at the TIP-TOP training centre in Munich,
  • equipment and technical resources fit for the latest technologies,
  • 3 classrooms dedicated to practical classes, with a total area of over 400 m2 and 2 classrooms accommodating over 70 trainees during the trainings,
  • PLACING AN EMPHASIS ON PRACTICE, exercised by trainees in optimally matched groups.

These are the main assets of our Training Centre, to which we cordially invite you today!