Plasteel eco weight


  • Premium quality
  • Easy application
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Precise fit to all types of rims
  • Nice looking
  • Compliant with international standards


Resistance to corrosion:

Double protection to corrosion.
The steel core and the clip are coated by Dacromet
- reliable coating for corrosion protection.
Metallic silver appearance.
Additional protection of weight – special polyurethane
overmold protect the coated steel
core and provides protection against abrasion
and corrosion. Environment safe.
Doesn’t exhibit any sign of corrosion after
500 hours in salt spray test. Good mechanical
damage resistance and chemical resistance

Retention on the wheel:
PLASTEEL ECO WEIGHT are tested in the
lab to make sure the weight body is firmly attached
to the clip and they don`t fall off the

Rim safe:
The softness and the malleability of polyurethane
coating PLASTEEL ECO WEIGHT protect
from rim damage.
Galvanic corrosion, induced by the contact of
lead with the aluminum of the wheel, causes
discoloration and pitting of the alloy. With
PLASTEEL ECO WEIGHT completely eliminate
a problem with galvanic corrosion.